Table Manners


The action takes place over a weekend in the dining room of Annie’s house.


Act 1       scene 1:        Saturday, 6.00 p.m.

scene 2:       Sunday, 9.00 a.m.

Act 2      scene 1:        Sunday, 8:00 p.m.

scene 2:       Monday, 8.00 a.m.




The Cast




Annie                                        -        Sally Cook

Sarah                                        -        Lesley Baker

Tom                                           -        Andi Hastie

Reg                                           -        Toby Manning

Norman                                     -        Peter Warlow

Ruth                                         -        Tracey Hastie


Behind The Scenes





Andi Hastie  & Anita Gillingham


Peter Upton

Lighting and Sound

John Boyd

Set design and Paint

John Nixon

Set Build

Paul Johnson, Brian Anderson, Des Bates, Peter Upton, Peter Warlow, Hannah Johnson, Brian Hooper, Andi Hastie


Mary Barby

Front of House

Helen Tansley, Eunice Gibbins, Felicity Manning

Business Managers

Eunice Gibbins & Gillian Bates


Philip Baker, Mike Spencer, Kate Spencer, Felicity Manning

Stage Manager

Brian Hooper


Hannah Johnson




After her baptism in the Pantomime in 2007, Sally takes on the challenging job of “real” acting for the first time.

In Ayckbourn’s sister play, Living Together (performed in 2004) Lesley played the part of Annie.

Not content with just being on stage, Andi has decided to direct as well. What is next, a one-man show?

This is the second time Toby has played opposite Lesley: in Black Comedy she was his mistress, now she is his wife and Toby knows which he preferred!

Peter returns to the stage playing Norman, a man who likes 'to have his toast and eat it' and everybody elses' too.......


Tracey continues to go from strength to strength, since she joined BDS in 2006. She seems equally at home with  drama or comedy.

Annie’s Gluey Stew


1 can unidentified (no label)

2 cans Oxtail Soup

1 can New Potatoes

1 can Pears

Liberal quantity Tomato Ketchup

1 bottle parsnip and dandelion wine


Open all cans and place into saucepan. The recipe works better if the ingredients are not mixed or stirred. Heat until lukewarm. Serve direct from saucepan.

*  This recipe is more effective if the ingredients are past their sell-by date.